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As your body gets older, your skin and muscles start to sag.

This condition also leads to instability and weakness in the organs. Organs such as the heart and prostate may be enlarged while other organs become weaker. The arteries will also become weak and unable to resist plaque formation. Also, the bones start losing density. Your ligaments and joints become weaker and less elastic.

All these problems emanate from the loss of a protein- collagen. After the ripe old age of 30, everyone’s collagen production reduces.

Collagen is a protein that plays an essential role in your skin appearance. It is the most abundant protein in human body and constitutes about 65 percent of the total protein in the body.

Its effect is felt by almost all parts of our body with connective tissue such as hair, muscles, blood cells, heart, skin, joints, bones and cartilage amongst others.

The collagen levels in the body reduces naturally as one gets older. Since collagen acts like a cushion between joints and bones, the cushion can be degenerated as a result of insufficient collagen. This leads to serious health problems.

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“I found this a really easy way to get some great nutrition. It took a few goes to get used to the orange flavour and the stevia aftertaste, and I found it best in some fruit juice, but it’s been a fantastic product. I would definitely recommend this product as a great way of getting a top up of various proteins and enzymes (as detailed on the product description) which are so easily missed out of our modern diet.”


“I had been taking a more expensive powder but had run out so purchased these collagen tablets. I have been taking these several weeks now and they have kept up the results I had noticed using the powder. I will continue to uses these as they are a fraction of the price! My skin is wonderful and my fine lines are most definitely diminishing.”


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